RAINLIFE Alkaline Water Purifier


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New RainLife 3 Cartridge 8-level water filter (NSF certified)

1) Activated carbon filter

The use of No. 1 and No. 2 double carbon filter element to enhance the taste of water and enhance the filtration effect

2) UF membrane filter element

UF membrane filter element has a micro-porosity of less than 0.1um, which can effectively filter various organic substances and bacteria in the water, but retain the minerals in the water, and filter out pure and good taste water. At the same time, the antibacterial activity of UF membrane can be improved by the composition of silver plus activated carbon.

3) Antibacterial function

Activated carbon blocks can inhibit the growth of bacteria, and enhance the antibacterial and odor removal functions.

4) Perfect design

The luxury and exquisite design make the kitchen more fashionable.

5) No drip design

Special valve design, no leakage after closing the water.

No need for electricity, can be directly installed in the faucet, after installation can directly drink boiling water.