Cleaning Tips

"Water Wash" Your Indoor Air 

For fresh, water-washed air, simply place your Rainbow in the center of the room and run on the "low" air cleaning speed.

The Rainbow can also deodorize or aromatize the air in your home. Simply add Rainbow Fresh Air solution or any Rainbow Fragrance to the water basin.

Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

The Rainbow comes with many useful attachments, but few are as versatile as the Upholstery Tool. The Upholstery Tool is great for cleaning sofas, chairs and other home furnishings. It’s also great for gently cleaning clothing and outerwear – including wool, fur coats and delicate fabrics.

Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas

Your Rainbow Coil Cleaner is a very small, but handy attachment. Due to its slender design, it can easily be used to clean under your washer or dryer and to vacuum off the visible cooling coils of your refrigerator. You can even use it to clean difficult to reach places in your home or even your car.

Cleaning Cushions and Pillows

Did you know that you can clean your cushions and pillows with the Rainbow? That’s why Rainbow designed the Aerofresh Bag. Here’s how you do it…

  1. Place your cushion in the Aerofresh Bag.
  2. With the Upholstery Tool attached to the end of the wand, hold bag tightly around the wand. Turn on the Rainbow and watch as stale, dusty air is sucked out.
  3. Then, without letting go of the bag and wand, attach the hose to the air exhaust on your Rainbow. Your cushion is now being “fluffed” with clean, water-washed air.

Using the Dusting Brush

Don’t forget to put your Dusting Brush attachment to use all around the house. Attach it to your Rainbow wand and encircle the room with vacuuming power. Start at one end of the room and vacuum the mirrors, blinds, drapes and curtains, lampshades and windowsills. Finish your cleaning sweep by attaching the dusting brush to an extended hose to reach ceiling fan blades and cornice boards, walls and high ceilings.

The Dusting Brush is ideal for delicate cleaning jobs – its fine bristles gently clean china, art objects, window blinds, etc. But you can also use it to gently clean the family dog or cat, gently removing dust, dirt and loose pet hair. And it’s perfect for dusting houseplants.

Hard Surface Floors? No Problem

By adding the Rainbow RainJet to your cleaning system, you will be able to enlarge your capabilities to wet clean ceramic tiles and other types of flooring.

Rainbow Clean Floor solution is the compatible liquid that can be used with your RainJet for quick cleaning and sparkling results. Ask your Authorized Rainbow Distributor how you can acquire a RainJet.

Using the Rainbow Inflator Tool

By connecting the hose to the Rainbow’s exhaust air opening, you can effortlessly inflate beach balls, air mattresses and inflatable toys with the Inflator attachment.

Second, by using the Inflator Tool in “suction” mode, you have the perfect tool for cleaning confined spaces, such as windowsills, refrigerator coils and behind appliances.

Using the Sprayer Tool

The Rainbow can be used with the ingenious Rainbow Sprayer. Just attach the Rainbow Sprayer to your Rainbow wand, connect the hose to the exhaust air opening and use the power of the Rainbow to dispense many common household spray products.

You can even fill the Sprayer with ordinary household water and use it to mist your houseplants or clean your screen windows.